Thursday, May 30, 2013

Promosi June 2013 #Certain set is still available, email me you interested#

Promosi Corelle/Corningware June 2013.
Dibuka utk pre-order sehingga 15 Jun 2013.

Emel saya untuk pertanyaan @ nak order ya.
Deposit 60%.
Harga termasuk pos.
Delivery 2-3 minggu selepas promosi tamat.

Corelle Elegant City 18pc

European Herb 16pc

Corningware Lilyville 6pc

Corningware European Herb Round

CorningwareOlive Garden Petite Pan Set 700ml

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen Gadjets

Dear all,

Kitchen gadjets open for pre-order.
Deposit 60%.
Delivery between 2-3weeks.
Postage already included with the price.
Email me @ r_ann2003[at] for order/inquiry.

Natura Ice Cream maker
White: Price: RM 205.00
Green/Pink: Price: RM 255.00

Mayer Tea Cake maker
Price: RM 279.00

Feel free to visit my FB page: Anie's Kitchen Appliances. Thanks! :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Corelle Provence Garden -

New design from Corelle.
Open for pre-order until 15 June 2013 or while stock last.

Pre-order with 60% deposit.
Postage already included.
Delivery will on 1/2week of July, insya Allah.
Please email me at: if you're interested.


Corelle Provence Garden 18pc

Corningware Provence Garden 9pc
1.5L, 3.0L, 5.0L

Corningware 3.25L

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Open for order until 15 May 2013.

60% deposit.
2-4 weeks for delivery.
Postage already included.
Email me @ or PM me at my FB page: Anie's Kitchen Appliances

Gala Plus - 4pc cookware set
20cm low casserole
16cm, 20cm, 24cm high casseroles

Diadem Plus - 3pc cookware set
16cm, 20cm, 24 cm high casseroles

Gourmet Plus - 5pc cookware set
20cm low casserole
16cm, 20cm, 24cm high casseroles
16cm saucepan

28cm stockpot with cover (8.0~11L)

28cm low casserole with cover (5.0~8.0L)

28cm Deep Chinese Wok

26cm Deep Chinese WOk

40cm Big Wok

Classic Line - 6pc Knives Set
Vegetable Knife, Utility Knife, Steak Knife,
Carving Knife, Chef Knife, Knife Block

Steak Knife & Fork set

Perfect Plus Junior Set
4.5L Pressure cooker + 3L Pressure Pan

Perfect Plus Senior Set
6.5L Pressure Set + 3L Pressure Pan

Gala Plus - 6pc cookware set
20cm low casserole
16cm, 20cm, 24cm high casseroles
20cm steaming insert, 16cm saucepan

Diadem Plus - 3pc cookware set
16cm, 18cm, 20cm saucepan with cover

Selected 30pc cutlery

Selected 68pc cutlery