Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WMF, Le Creuset, Neoflam, Endo dll - CLOSED

Promosi sehingga 22 Julai 2011.
Silakan semua cuci-cuci mata...
Kalau ada yang berkenan hubungi saya. Tq :)

Brand: WMF
16cm Diadem Plus saucepan with cover
14cm milk pot        

Brand: Le Creuset
20cm wok

Brand: Neoflam
22cm nature cook baum casseroles

Brand: Neoflam
24cm Vern Ceramic Coated Induction  Casserole

Brand: ENDO
2.5L Thermal Magic Cooker

Brand: Dolphin
32cm Hard anodised wok with cover  

4 Colorful trays with chrome stand

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