Monday, April 25, 2011

WMF promotion is back! - CLOSED

Open for sale! Until 1 May 2011
*silakan ke Sogo, jika nk tgk yg real :)

Brand: WMF (Germany)

Classic Line 7pc Knives set

Classic Line 6pc Knives set

32cm Skillet Wok

a) 28cm Chinese wok (with steaming insert)

b) 32cm Chinese wok (with steaming insert)

c) 36cm Chinese wok 

Jette 30pc Cutlery set

Mini Cookware

14cm high casseroles with cover

18cm frypan

18cm oven pan

Profi Plus Individual Cookware

16cm high casseroles with cover

20cm high casseroles with cover

24cm high casseroles with cover

Diadem Plus Cookware Set

Gala Plus 6pc Cookware Set

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thermos Promotion - CLOSED

Open for sale until 1 May 2011 and while stock last.

Brand: Thermos

6pc Stainless Steel Family Cookware Set
Price: RM 305.00
Postage: RM 15.00
Usual Price: RM 480.00+

20cm Multi Usage Pot
Price: RM 140.00
Posatge: RM 10
Usual: RM 190.00 +

0.5L Hot Lunch Box w/bag
Price: RM 125.00
Postage: RM 15
Usual: RM 160.00+

0.25L Stainless Steel Hot Lunch + 0.35L Stainless Steel Miffy Stainless Steel Flask
Price: RM 195.00
Postage: RM 20.00
Usual: RM 270.00+

1.2L Stainless Steel Insulated Carafe
Price: RM 90.00
Postage: RM 7.00
Usual: RM 110.00+

Another brand from Japan

Pan for Hot Sandwich
Price: RM 85.00
Postage: RM 7.00

Heart/Star Egg Maker (suitable for microwave oven)
Price: RM 55.00
Postage: RM 7.00

Sandwich Maker
Price: RM 66.00
Postage: RM 7.00

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WMF Offer till 24 April 2011 - CLOSED

Promosi WMF sehingga 24 April 2011 @ selagi stok masih ada.

WMF frying pan 20cm
2 jenis frypan
a. Harga RM 89.00 / Pos RM10.00
b. Harga RM 109.00 / Pos RM10.00

*harga berbeza sebab perbezaan berat besi