Friday, January 28, 2011

Meyer and La Gourmet for Sale! (CLOSED)

Offer peralatan dapur terbaru kepada yang berminat. Offer will be close on 2 February 2011. Hurry make your purchase!

MEYER PROFORGE (Hard Anodized)
*boleh guna sudip besi biasa dan non-stick.

28cm Hard Anodized Stir-fry pan
- OFFER : RM 249.00 (free postage)
  Usual price: RM 299.00

38cm Hard Anodized Chinese Wok
- OFFER : RM 399.00 (free postage)
   Usual price: RM 499.00+

MEYER CIRCULON 2 (Hard Anodized non-stick)

16cm saucepan
- OFFER: RM 229.00 (free postage)
    Usual price: RM 299.00

20cm saucepan
- OFFER: RM 260.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 369.00

22cm Saucepan
- OFFER: RM 289.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 399.00

24cm Casseroles
- OFFER : RM 389.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 599.00

28cm Casseroles
- OFFER: RM 399.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 629.00

36cm Chinese Wok
- OFFER: RM 459.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 699.00

40cm Chinese Wok
- OFFER: RM 519.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 799.00


32cm - 5ply elite Wok with Stainless Steel Cover (FREE 24cm steambot wok)
OFFER: RM 509.00 (free postage)
 Usual price: RM 699.00

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